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The conference is calling for papers from all over the world.

Location and Access 会议地址

Chateau de Luze Hotel Beijing 北京和乔丽致酒店
10026,Chateau de Luze Hotel,8A Guanghua Rd,Chaoyang District,Beijing,China

Located in the heart of the Central Business District of Beijing, the Chateau de Luze Hotel offers 5-star quality accommodations and the added convenience of close proximity to all of Beijing's prominent business centers-- the China World Trade Center, Beijing SOHO development, new CCTV Tower, and Kerry Center Offices. The airport is also a brisk 30 minute commute away. Offering the finest service available, the Chateau de Luze Hotel is the optimal choice for the business traveler.


ICICM 2019 delegates can book rooms with special rate. However, the hotel will NOT proactively contact you and ask for your credit card information.

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